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Parex Wall Systems

Parex EIFS Wall Systems


Parex EIFS Standard
  1. Frame
  2. Sheathing
  3. Vertical Adhesive Ribbons
  4. Flashing Membrane
  5. EPS Insulation
  6. Base Coat
  7. Mesh
  8. Primer (optional)
  9. Finish
Standard System: A classic EIF system that provides superior thermal insulation and flexible design.
Optimum System: Our new generation of the classic EIF system. Optimum series of EIFS makes use of our premium acrylic finish and base coat/adhesive. These two components work to deliver a system that will ensure the enduring aesthetic appeal of your builidng. Requires use of DPR Optimum and 121 Optimum

Parex Stucco Wall Systems

Armourwall Stucco Assembly

Stucco Wall Systems
  1. Framing
  2. Sheathing
  3. Weather Resistive Barriers
  4. Flashing Membrane
  5. Lath
  6. Scratch Coat
  7. Brown Coat
  8. Primer
  9. Finish
  • Designed for use over framed construction when a standard assembly is desired
  • This system is to be used if an air barrier is not desired.