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Stucco surfaces add character to any area.  Textures can vary depending on the application process although it is important to consider the climate.  Stucco is used outdoors and indoors to enhance a room, wall or building.  Casa Materials offers the best materials for all applications.

We work with homeowners as well as contractors and provide installation services for new construction, remodeling, and restoration projects. Contact us or stop by today!

Air/Water Barriers and Flashings

master wall products Designing and specifying the proper air and water barriers can be a challenge. Master Wall ® manufactures a variety of continuous barriers to meet the needs of all types of commercial and residential projects and applications. Integrating continuous barriers eliminates problematic rips and tears that are common with traditional paper or wrap-type barriers. Master Wall ® manufactures Rollershield, Trowelshield and WeatherStop secondary water barriers for use with Master Wall ® assemblies and other exterior systems. All are 100% acrylic formulations for long life.

Base Coats and Adhesives

Master Wall ® Base Coats are formulated for use with our Master Wall ® EIFS, Stucco and Direct Application Systems. They may also be used as an insulation adhesive for certain approved substrates.

Meshes, Insulation, and Modifiers

Master Wall ® reinforcing mesh provides tensile and impact resistance for Master Wall ® systems. Available with Medium Impact Resistance using Standard Mesh, we offer a variety of impact-resistance ratings and mesh weights. Master Wall ® Aggre-flex Mesh is a specially woven, glass fiber mesh with AR Coating (Alkali Resistive).

Architectural Coatings and Primers

Architectural coatings are available for new construction or renovation projects. Whether the desire is to rejuvenate the face of an aged finish or a bold look on new construction, Master Wall ® has the products you need for the desired look. Roller-flex architectural coating is used for color changes, trims and bands. Roller-flex is perfectly compatible with Master Wall ® finishes. Elasto-flex is our elastomeric coating. It dries to a flat finish and bridges minor hairline cracks in stucco or other approved substrates. Primecoat primer is used to equalize finish absorption and provide a color background under Stone Finishes, Master Wall ® Base Coats and Stuccos.

Cemplaster Fiberstucco

Master Wall Inc.ʨ Cemplaster Fiberstucco is the industry’s first comprehensive warranted stucco. With warranties available up to 20 years, Cemplaster Fiberstucco offers architects the advantage of adding improved performance components such as Rollershield Air/Water Barrier, Continuous Insulation, Rainscreen options, Stucco Ad-Liquid stucco modifiers, leveling base coats (including waterproof) and elastomeric finishes. Master Wallʨ Cempaster Fiberstucco is a fibered Portland cement-based bagged stucco with exceptional workability, open working time, water retention, early strength, shrinkage resistance and long-term durability.


  • Mason frame
  • Snap on frame
  • Walk thru frame
  • Base plate
  • Bracket
  • Cross brace
  • End panel
  • Folding trestic
  • Ladder
  • Ladder bracket
  • Mortar stand